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Polycool Optilite G65

Polycool Optilite G65 is a solar control and warmth reflective insulating glass, composed out of a clear outer pane provided with a metallic reflective coating applied using magnetic sputtering vacuum deposition technology, and a clear inner pane. The two glasses are bonded together by means of a galvanised steel spacer, filled with desiccants, and dual sealed with polyisobutylene and two-component polysulphide sealant.
Color in reflectionNeutral blue
Light transmission (τv)63
Light reflection outside (ρv)12
Solar Energy direct transmission (τe)31
Solar Energy Extern. Reflection (ρe)37
Energetic absorption (ae)31
g-value (g)33
Shading coefficient (SC)0.38
Heat transfer (Ug-value)1.0

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