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Polyplus Ultra HR-P

This is low-emissivity glass, which consists of three glass surfaces, two spacers and gas-filled cavities. A low conductivity metal coating has been added to both the outside and the inside glass surfaces. Polyplus Ultra HR-P offers exceptional insulating performance so that, within the scope of the composition, the Ug value of the glass can even drop to 0.5 W/(m²K). Despite the triple composition, it continues to retain its neutral nature and it provides an essential product for the future nearly zero energy homes. 
Light transmission (τv)74
Light reflection outside (ρv)16
Solar Energy direct transmission (τe)46
Solar Energy Extern. Reflection (ρe)31
Energetic absorption (ae)23
g-value (g)52
Shading coefficient (SC)0.60
Heat transfer (Ug-value)0.6

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