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Polyplus Ultra PHG

This glass also consists of three glass surfaces but the metal coatings added and the basic glass are optimised for the Passive House standard (ultra-low energy house) which is becoming increasingly popular on the market. In the Passive House concept, it is not only important to have a good insulation value but it is also key to be able to offer high light transmission (TL), so that one can use passive sun yield (Te) where possible. If you plan on building according to this principle, then the Polyplus Ultra PHG application is really a must.
Light transmission (τv)73
Light reflection outside (ρv)16
Solar Energy direct transmission (τe)53
Solar Energy Extern. Reflection (ρe)21
Energetic absorption (ae)26
g-value (g)61
Shading coefficient (SC)0.70
Heat transfer (Ug-value)0.7

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