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Polyplus All Seasons

Polyplus All Seasons is also an insulating low-emissivity glass (LE) with an excellent balance between the amount of penetrating sunlight and the heat from the sun entering the home (Te). The cavity side (#2) of the glass surface on the outside is covered with a selective metal coating to accommodate the surplus heat from the sun. It is strongly recommended that this type of glass is applied to south-facing fa├žades.

Polyplus All Seasons increases living convenience during all four seasons. It is also available in a triple composition, so that it provides optimum insulation. If applied correctly, the types of quality of this product will have a great impact on the energy level of your home. You can safely apply this product to large and spacious glass surfaces without losing sight of the requirements or your personal wish for a low energy level.

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Airport Charles De Gaulle - Terminal S3 Paris
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