About us

Polypane Glasindustrie NV has been the reference for over 75 years when it comes to the production of insulating glazing in all its different aspects for both private and professional customers.

Glasindustrie Polypane, that's over 75 years of experience.

Polypane Glasindustrie has been actively involved in the production, development and research of product improvements and new application possibilities of insulating glazing for over 40 years. Within the glass sector, the company has been active for over 75 years in the supply and/or installation of glass products for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Optimal quality assurance

Respecting standards and regulations is of paramount importance to Polypane Glasindustrie. For the purposes of offering our clientele maximum safety, all our insulating glass, which is manufactured according to the Polypane process, has a continuous BENOR technical approval, issued by the BUTgb organisation (Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction) and is based on the most recent European standard.

The many years of experience in manufacturing insulating glass according to the strictest standards and prescriptions enables us to confidently provide a 10-year guarantee on the moisture resistance of our products, which are fitted in accordance with the guidelines listed in the most recent standards.