Polycool Riviera

Residential -Solar Control - Polycool Riviera

If, with your design, you opt for large full-sized glass walls in a south and west-facing house, where you wish to limit the use of outdoor sun awning, it is advisable to further increase the capacity of your solar control glass.

That is why we work with stronger metal coatings for Polycool Riviera, which have an even higher capacity to absorb and reflect than the Polyplus All Seasons, so that we block out as much solar heat as possible and therefore obtain a low sun admission factor. You need to take a lower light transmission and more tinting in the glass into account but in view of the size of the expanse of glass, this will adequately compensate one another.

Polycool Riviera is a high performance solar resistant glass with a light-blue sheen. The coating is available in three different protective factors with light transmissions of between 62% and 40%.

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