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A smart investment with glass
Rising energy costs make optimum thermal insulation in housing essential. The amount of heat loss through glass has an important impact on the costs for heating your home.

By opting for low-emissivity glass, you are choosing for important energy savings without losing the benefit of large glass surfaces. Using large expanses of glass gives a feeling of freedom, it creates spaciousness in your home and lets in a great amount of light and solar heat.

Not only must we take into account the requirements laid down by the government regarding the maximum acceptable Energy Level of a residence, we must also consider the manner in which we spend our lives at home and life in general. The whole objective regarding sustainable living is to ensure that energy-efficient materials are used, which, in the long term, will render the correct yield, both economically and ecologically. Economically because they help you save costs to heat and cool your building and ecologically because they are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by limiting the use of fossil fuels.

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