Polypane - Base product

Residential - Thermal Insulation - Polypane Base product

Polypane is thermally insulating glass, composed of two or more panes of high-quality glass (1, 2), separated by a moisture-free air cavity (3). The cavity is achieved by inserting a profile (5) filled with a desiccant (4) between the panes. The hermetic sealing at the edges of the cavity is secured by two joins: first, a water vapour resistant join of polyisobutylene (6) and, secondly, a mechanic join of polysulphide (7). A fine metal layer (8) provides even better insulating and/or solar reflective properties. These components are used in all the insulation glass listed in this publication. They constitute the binding agent between the glass products that have an influence on the functional properties of your glass and that provide it with its own specific qualities.

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