EPB Regulations

Residential - Thermal Insulation - EPB Regulations

The regional authorities have adopted energy efficient measures under the influence of European guidelines. The Energy Performance Decree lays down requirements for any new buildings and existing buildings that are renovated. It makes the thermal insulation requirements stricter (maximum K-level and U-values) and also sets requirements for the energy performance of the building (maximum E-level - energy consumption level).

The lower the imposed energy level, the better you must insulate your home and the better performance will be required of your glass. You will therefore need to choose the right type of glass in combination with other materials that you use in your home. This is no easy task, certainly because each type of material also has a price tag and this must be balanced with your building budget. However, always consider that using energy saving products will provide you with a permanent financial benefit for the entire life span of the house. In that sense it is advisable to focus on making a good choice, because the lower your energy consumption, the less you will need to pay for energy every year.

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