Polypane Decora

Polypane Decora is insulating glass in which lattices are provided between the glass surfaces, which are separated by a cavity. These lattices are connected with the spacer by means of a special technique. The finishing is the same as for all the other Polypane insulating glass. Polypane Decora is a product that can be used in any window construction, both in existing windows and in new constructions.

Economically warranted The traditional building style of some villas, stately homes, farmhouses and town houses is often characterised by the use of windows with cross casings. Using small units of insulating glass is extremely expensive due to the fitting of these types of the windows and it also makes maintenance difficult. The Polypane Decora product with its incorporated lattices was developed to resolve this problem.


  • It takes less effort to clean the windows than to clean many small panes
  • Reduced absence of thermal bridges in the frame
  • Permanent cost savings due to proper thermal insulation
  • Available in various colours and versions.

Perfect aesthetic fit
The lattices incorporated in the Polypane Decora are available in a wide range of colours. The customer can request lattices to be lacquered in any of the RAL colours, which are available in addition to the standard colours. The lacquered lattices are available in various widths, and they can be executed according to the wishes of the customer. One does need to take a maximum margin per unit into account, however. Please consult us in this regard.

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